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Having just come from a screening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I decided it is high time that I dedicate a post to the menfolk of the HP films. Please do not judge me for the fact that said menfolk range in age from jailbait to father figures.

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I think Heroes is a pretty silly show, but chock full of yummy menfolk regardless. In honor of tonight's finale, click below to see my picks for hottest male mutants from the show.

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Trent Reznor is a hotty hot hot, albeit slightly frightening:

Old school, long haired, on drugs Trent:

Present day, TOTALLY RIPPED Trent:

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Check out these real-life "hot"ties, some of whom think that this community is degrading to men. SUCK IT UP, OPPRESSORS.

Here's Dave, best known for his recurring role on Unannounced Visits to 333 E. 6th Street

Aaron stars in I'm So Postmodern, And You Can Tell from the White Background of this Photo

Mike as "Drunk Jesus"

Greg is a lucky participant on the Alanna and Jeanette Hook Up World Tour


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EffBEye, meet Sean Maher:

And a little something for Toddesha (and really, all girls):

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Sean Maher is pretty.

This guy is hot enough to *marry* Alyson Hannigan.

So, you used to be a Calvin Klein model, huh?



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Hot Cops

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First, miscellaneous menfolk

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lost menfolk

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And finally...

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Let's see if we can prove why, as a nation, we are so gay for Britain

I'll start

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